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To use Views to display geo-data, enable the Leaflet Views submodule, part of the Leaflet module. Create a new View of your entities that contain the geodata, add the geofield to Fields, and select the Leaflet Map format. You can set a couple of options such as the fields to show up in the pop-up, or the height of the map (see the image).

Configuration options of the Leaflet style in Views Configuration options of the Leaflet style in Views.

If you are fond of Display Suite to display and style your content (who is not?), then you probably want to style the Leaflet popups with a View mode. The Leaflet module provides a very neat integration for this. In “Description Content”, select for example <node entity> (if you are mapping nodes and not other types of entities), and then pick the View mode to render the entity. For example, you could have a custom view mode Map for your entity that shows the title, a teaser view of your body, and a teaser image, and style it all via Display Suite without having to fiddle with Views.